Problems with staff and international zones

How do I get my restaurant employees to arrive at work in an international zone? They’re stuck in the safe zone, but they can’t go any further - get into the international zone. Where am I wrong?

staff in the security zone downstairs.

upper floor - restaurant employees do not go on to the international zone to fill their posts in the franchise.


Staff can just walk between secure zones and international zones. They don’t go through passport checks.
As in your case, you have plants and queues blocking every part between the two zones, they don’t find a way.

So the best would be to remove one of the plants on the left or right side and make a passage for staff members.

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does that solve it?
should I use the zone limiting “for employees only?” Or just leave the passage free? no zoning for employees?

Another thing I think might be confusing…
my security point which should only be from terminal 02 - is linked with all stands. Is that correct? Shouldn’t they be linked only with the 4 heavy stans of terminal 02?

That should work.

If you work with terminal zones, you also have to work with complete independent secure zones. Normally terminal zones in ACEO are used when you have complete independent buildings with own transit, own check in, secure checks, staff and vehicle assignments. In your case it might make no sense at all to use the terminal zone feature.

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I understood the conflict. In my case, I have a safe zone path that connects the two terminals. I broke this connection and the security points were restricted to your terminals. Let me see now if I managed to resolve the conflict issues.
Thanks a lot for the help.

It works wonders! :grinning: