Problems Restricting Taxiways

Hello All,

I think this is a me problem, but because my taxiway paths are on a service road, I cannot change the restrictions on the taxiway to allow only departures or arrivals because the service road menu comes up when I right click the tile. Is there a way to toggle between the service road options and the taxiway options?

It’s because the road is a layer above the taxiway. I’ve noticed that too but I always could use one taxiway tile before or after the road to set my restrictions.

Can you may switch by using TAB?

More annoying is when you have roads below the second floor terminal and you do a right click on to an object, then you get the menu from the road below.

I just demolished the road, set my taxiways, then rebuilt those tiles. I will try tab next time.

TAB brings out the CEO interface. No toggle.

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