Problem with Tier 3 Scanners

I received several emails about dangerous baggage being loaded on aircraft, so I doubled the amount of Tier 3 scanners and watched.

I soon discovered that security officers’ productivity was not the cause. Dangerous baggage was correctly routed into the destroyer. However, when their colleagues arrived for a shift change, the scanners were unmanned for a moment. During this time, every single bag was accepted, including dangerous ones. When new officers started operating the scanner, everything was back to normal.

I remember that Tier 3 scanners used to stop the belt until they were manned again, however this is no longer the case. Can we get this feature back?


The belt should definitely stop if no security officer is present


Wow… that’s hard core. It almost seems like someone was carrying out a terrorist attack of sometthing… what was your seecurity ratings before the event?

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The scanning rating is about 90%, because I have good security officers. The shift change is what makes it go down.

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Hire more security officers with staff room close by - I’ve never had this problem. New shift arrives at same time or before old shift goes off.

Thanks for the tip, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the cause of the problem. The officers make it on time and wait for the scanner to be unmanned. When they actually change though, they leave the scanner unmanned for a few seconds.

It’s been a while since I observed this bug, I might try to reproduce it to see if the walking distance has anything to do with it.

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