Problem with remote stands

ACEO-33777. Buses get stuck at stop and don’t travel to remote stand to board PAX. Works for a little while then stops working. Have to shut stand etc and reopen and then it works for a little while before breaking again

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Yes, that issue is weird. I have it on my Alpha36/Beta1 savegame but not on my old Alpha 35 savegame.

I will take a look.

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Having this issue as well, bug reported 3 times I believe

Issue will be fixed in today’s beta 1.1-1 release.


Sounds great. Then my test airport is saved and I can use it for further bug reports. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a new issue now. The plane at the remote stand has left the gate 30 minutes before the actual boarding should start. The service agent has then left the boarding desk and the passengers are still sitting around and wait for their boarding. → ACEO-33935

New try, here you can see it. The plane leaves directly after baggage is loaded.

Stair truck left:

Pushback starts:

Passengers are still sitting and waiting for the 7:12 boarding time:

Same issue ACEO-33966

I have same issue, and to add to that issue, the passengers get to the airport gate, ground floor, and they all bunch up in one corner of the gate, even if large gate doors are placed… this should be fixed, doors open = should not bunch up in corner of door, pause then go in

They go in the one corner of the door because that is the way the doors to stands are ‘programmed’ for departure and arrival separation. Of the four segments of the door, the leftmost one is for arrivals and the rightmost two are for departures. The one second from the left is unused and that is where you place the wall, hedge, etc that separates your departure and arrival traffic. The same applies to the Jetway entrances.

Visually, not optimal, but functionally, it works.

Also lets you create an airport where arrivals and departures can be fully segregated from each other which I find useful when running an international terminal.

Does it still happen in beta 1.1-2 for new remote flights? There was a critical issue with the boarding procedure in beta 1.1-1.

You can read my thoughts, just starting the game for a new test. Let you know in a few minutes.

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One special thing:

The Boarding time has changed at the moment when deboarding started. When the plane landed, the boarding time was 14:26.

Is that normal?

/Update: Boarding has started now, bus left the bus stop and all passengers are on bord. Looks good. I will run some further mass tests also on the large gate for the next minutes.

Sent you ACEO-34013
Boarding time changes on remote gates as soon as deboarding is starting (minus 1 hour)
Affects only remote gates (all sizes).

Issue is not critical

The airport runs smoth again for several remote flights in a row (med+large). Thanks for the fix.

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Great! Yeah there was a change in the boarding desk display, it’s still kind of wonky so I’ll have a look at it again!

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