Problem with jetway

Hi, I’m trying to build a jetway but I keep receiving error message telling me that I need to build a second floor. The problem is that I have a second floor… Any tips?

I can’t tell because the warning message puts the rest of the image out of focus, but is the second floor of the terminal adjacent to the stand? It looks like your terminal is at least 1 tile away from the stand.

I built a sidewalk in front of the stand, is that the problem?

Correct. The upper level floor has to attach directly to the stand, otherwise jetways are not possible.


Thank you very much.

Yes, the second floor must be adjacent to the stand. You will either have to demolish the ground floor sidewalk and add one more tile to the length of both floors of the terminal or build only the corners of the second floor on the ground floor, then build the second floor.

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