Problem of crowd traffic stop

Dear all,

Do you guys has same problem that the car stop, taxi stop and bus stop are always is full even through you add the stops as much as you can.

Any solution to solve it? Thanks.

I originally had a capacity problem with bus stops backing up in to my terminal. I added more bus stops and that solved the problem. Making sure everyone that wants to use a bus stop can actually access one can be tricky at times. Especially if you are crossing roads. Make sure your stops are linked to the terminal by sidewalks and crosswalks. For the most part my bus stop issues are over. good luck.

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MedJet sure has some good input. I would add that while I agree that there are balancing needs which we will focus on in the laster stage before full release (or before that), the idea of the subway station is to ease some of the capacity problems. Once an airport is really big and has a lot of transiting passengers you will more or less need a train connection to get passenger flow working nominally.

Thanks for all.

However, I have a follow up question that more subway station would increase the passenger/ decrease the demand of bus stops?

A subway entrance can shuffle a lot more passengers per hour than a bus stop can and it will overall relieve the demand for bus stops and other types of transit, yes.

I have 2 subway stations, 7 car stops, 11 bus stops. 5 taxi stands, 8 short term parking and 3 long time parking.
It’s 6 am and there are 3900 pax around (there will be more later that day of course) and 3 taxis stands and 4 busstops are already at they max capacity.

No, I have no solution for it.

I had a very big crowd of about 7k pax lingering in my terminal, because i had only bus stops.

After building a single subway entrance, the all left over the subway.

Now I have 3 subway stations and the problem is nearly solved.
I am planning to build all the bus stops underground and keep the car stop and taxi stands in ground level.

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