Problem of balance in the removal of waste

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Faced with the problem of balance in the removal of waste.
40,000 passengers per day, 2 terminals. I had to put 3 waste depots for each. As a result, they fill up faster than waste is removed. Planes are delayed. The slider for calling waste collection vehicles is at 40%, also tried the manual mode. They don’t cope. Restarting the game didn’t help either. It is necessary either to increase the frequency of arrivals of the garbage disposal transport, or to tweak the amount of waste removed. I’m waiting for a decision.


The issue is a limitation of garbage trucks which are at the same time at the airport. I think it was at 5 trucks. Sadly the devs didn’t want to increase that yet.

The only solution currently is to have the waste depots as close as possible to a world entrance to prevent a too long driving time.

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Can you make a mod that offers more garbage trucks? Or is there a way to change it ourselves?
I mean, to make a large map and not adjust the services makes me feel a bit teased.

Will look into increasing the truck count, i.e. if that’s something we can reliably do considering other terminal designs as well.


The decision is extremely doubtful, in my case. 2 terminals are working, and the 3rd is almost ready for launch, for another 15-20 thousand passengers a day. The maximum card size. Terminals operate independently of each other. 3 areas of entry to the territory of the airport. The main goal is to squeeze the maximum number of passengers carried. On the one hand, 3 waste depots are located at one of the entrances, but the transport network of all terminals is interconnected, and waste disposal vehicles sometimes go to places where they should not be at all. That he forgot the dead end of the road, which is only to the construction site of the unloading?!

Weird routes is another issue which could get an improvement. You can have a road checkpoint directly next to the waste depot but the trucks still drive to another one far away. Same applies for all kind of service cars.

Also route finding of vehicles gets confused when there are roads in planning mode.

By the way, share some screenshots. I am interested to see such high capacity airports. :slight_smile:

When I open the 3rd terminal, I’ll throw off the screenshots. There is no reason in continue the game now.

Did you send in a bug report with this airport? If so what was the number?

Did you ever get a number on that?

Nope, unfortunately not!

Do you need one where the issue happens (which probably has a too large filesize to upload) or do you only need a dummy report?

Does it only happen on bigger airports?

You need enough air traffic or a very bad layout to get multiple depots full at the same time.

Guys, sorry! Switched to other things, then went to the mountains for a few weeks. I’ll generate the number tomorrow.


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