Problem met pasengers


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Hello, I suspect that your issue is that passengers are queuing up for bus stops but not getting processed? This is a known bug and something we are working on handling as soon as possible.

I have the same problem. But my Problem is that this window disappear very fast so i dont have any chance to press yes or no. It will be nice if the game time will paused when this window is coming (My problem appears everytime when my game is running on fast speed )

Are you talking about the delay window? If so, it disappears because the flight was able to leave, i.e. it no longer required your attention.

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Oookay thanks for your fast answer. But can you help me aswell with an other Problem? The thing is that passengers on my current airport are bugging in the terminal since 2 ingame days. And if i click one of them the full game seems to be make trobble …

Here a link to my recorded video: - YouTube

Hmm, how is your zoneing? We would like to take a look at that save, so if you can report and attach it on bug reporting form on the website

I report it under ACEO-2587. I hope you can help me :sweat_smile::wink:

So, 2 issues here. First the zoning is not correct. If you press Z you can see that they are actually trapped in incorrect zoning. So drag out some secure zone and most will come loose. The others will move after a while, directly to the bus stop, but they are bugged, so don’t click on them as it will throw and error (I fixed this now but not deployed to Steam yet). :slight_smile:

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My submitted save games reported with stuck passengers confirm bug-report 2587

lel …

And thanks @Fredrik for your fast answer. It helps me a lot. The people are now going away and doens’t bugging their any more. I know it was a good idea to buy this game to support you :wink:

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