Proactive Repairs doesn't do anything to repair runways or stands

Also, one other issue, if the developers could give us the option a button to automate repair of runways and airplane stands, so we don’t have to individually click on each runway or stand every few minutes, especially those of us with large budgets,hundreds of flights, & hundreds of service technicians just sitting around doing nothing.

Proactive Repairs has been done in R&D and is currently enabled and has been been for several months. Doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. I still have to go to each runway and airplane stand and manually repair each one. It’s a real pain with 107 gates - 14 large stands, 93 medium stands, and between 350 to 380 airplanes daily. Suggestion for the developers: have a sliding percentage it has to get down in order to kick in service technicians to repair.

I never let mine get anywhere near 60% because I try to keep near 100% most of the time.

It automatically gets repaired at 10%. This is good enough, as it won’t break. I’m almost certain that the devs won’t add a slider option.

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I will try that and see what happens, I usually try to keep it up to keep the airlines happy. I would still like the option to have it get repaired around 80% to 90%.

I would agree with you: a slider could be useful there (but not only) allowing to definne at what % of damage you’d like to repair.

Howerver, the good question is: has this any influenbce on the ageme - such as airlines’ satifaction, or other ? Presently, it does not seem so.

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