Private Jets? EVERYBODY?

Yeah i would love this if the developers add the private Jets like Gulfstreams (GV, G650, G550, G500, GIV), Learjets, Embraer Legacy (450, 600 and 500), Embraer Lineage 1000E, Cessna Citation and HondaJet HA-420 to the airport CEO. So let’s discuss together

The LJ75 and PC24 are in the base game. I believe @dawed has added a few modded ones as well.

Yet only legacy 600 available, but more may come… Some other leajerts are planned

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Yeah. But are you have start working for the private jets mods?

But for the developers will ever start the development project for private jets others than pc24 and LJ75.
I’m waiting for it

The game development is officially finished and the developers are currently focused on their new game Atmosfar.
That’s why zekew11 and dawed started using the ACEO tweaks to add new aircrafts.

There are some unreleased planes (Saab2000 and some Cessna props). But I don’t think we will see them in the near future.

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Yeah i get it but make sure it was not a dlc. Though lol

As of this moment we are currently not working on a private jet related DLC! :slight_smile:


Ok sure no hard feelings though but will you plan for development of the private jets others than l75 and pc24?

I will use tweaks soon. So thank you all