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Private Charter Companies


I believe this has already been mentioned with various ideas for A/C, which would accommodate a more private class of personnel. With lounges already implemented this could really give another use for GA. I believe that a smaller A/C requires some updating and this could be a really good feature.

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Gives a chance to implement higher class of passengers through a separate terminal and then on to their private jet, such as celebs or high rollers. Modders then could go wild with their creative juices.

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Would love the idea.

When developing an airline for them, you can then specify it its is Private charter or commercial. Selecting the Charter, will lessen the load of passengers on the plane, perhaps by 50% or something, as these little beasts have significantly less seating capacity anyway.

Hangers would be a cool addition. You could get some serious cash from them !

Charter companies can then have their own terminal and a remote stand or 2. They should be allowed small, medium and large planes.

I am really for this idea - especially as I have just been working on a set of 787 private jests (loosly based on the Boeing Business Jets), embrear and a 340, just for fun. RIght now, i am just running them as a normal airline.


Love your designs.

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