Pretoria Int'l Airport design

So I decided to do a fake African airport in the capital of South Africa. The picture below does illustrate the basic airport design.

(yeah, I’m not that good at airport design lol)
Please give feedback! If anyone knows how to make a good design for a conveyer belt system, please tell me because I’m not good at that :sweat_smile:

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more images are probably needed, but it looks good. Do you know how to take screenshots?

F12 for Steam screenshot and Win+G for Windows screenshot

or ctrl+prt scr
the “Prt Scr” is above the “Insert” button.
the “insert” button is above the arrows

Or windows+shift+s on newer win10

You should try to take FAWB - Wonderboom National Airport in Pretoria, and make it international. I think that it did have international aspirations at one stage in its’ history, before what is now FAOR came along.

Just a note on your taxiways, they will cause bottlenecks if all stands are open an operating. I’ve learnt that from person experience. A great effort nonetheless.

Ai, Except that we can’t build diagonal runways, so won’t be an exact copy.

Who even flies commercially to that airport??

Yeah, will have to be done within the constraints of ACEO

South African Airlink used to, but the flights were not actually financially viable anymore once the subsidy was withdrawn/expired., but no one does anymore afaik.

But in ACEO, you could have Emirates, Qatar and even JetBlue flying there… :wink:

Looks like i have to finish Airlink to load it to the workshop, while they are still somewhat non-fictional…soon to be, sad

Airlink isn’t going anywhere, SAA and SA Express on the other hand…

Look forward to seeing Airlink in the workshop for my South African airports.

Yeah common misconception that airlink is associated with the other two messes, but they aren’t

The trouble with Airlink’s livery is that from the top, many of them are only white…

Use to fly E190 to Madagascar, lovely plane

And before that, this beast, little overhead space, but the four engines were pretty cool…

And then there are these lil ones…

So from a livery point, very boring from the top, perhaps some artist impression by adding the livery to top of the plane?

Sometime we can allow us to put the logo a bit higher than on the original. It’s for the best ingame experience. :wink:

Lol, yeah, just put the logo above the windows, instead of below, for ACEO.

Talking about ‘lil ones’, don’t forget these, while you don’t have the J41 in ACEO, the Cessna should be an option I think: