Press releases and dillema's

As aviation student, I’m loving the way that the game is developing the last week. One thing that I’m however missing is the influence of the CEO on the demand for flights. In real life a CEO has to face the press and make statements about the future, their strategy, etc. Maybe it is possible to implement this in the game. You will sometimes get a question form the press on which you can choose between multiple answers. The choise you make has impact on future contracts and demand for flights.

Of course I know that this is not something for the near future, but it might be an idea to implement this in bigger updates of the game.


Like the way they did in GameDev Tycoon?

There it was like an interview with a question about your knowledge on certain aspects. (1 question per interview) The awnser you choose was right or wrong and than there was a article written about it. Giving you good or bad publicity.

Something like that indeed. I was thinking more of a motorsport manager idea where you don’t have a right or wrong answer, but that the answers have different results and you don’t know what result until you have given the answer. Something like:

“what will be the future strategy of the airport?”
A) Low-cost flight will have priority. Result: 10% more cheap contracts, 10% less medium contracts
B) Create more comfort for the passengers. Result: Happier passengers, less cheap contracts
C) Design better shops and relax area’s. Result: More revenue from shops, higher maintenance costs

Just as example, of course you only see the result after you chose it.


Cool idea, any way to add more managerial aspects are great, especially when you get to have a strategic direction like that.

A press conference every in-game year would be good.


Main issue I had with Motorsport Manager was that often none of the options were what I wanted to say. So either the devs need to pick carefully what the options are, or some other system needs to be devised for answering questions in this fashion…

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