Predictive Vehicle Ordering

Feature request title:

Predictive Vehicle Ordering


When a plane is scheduled to arrive at a gate, the vehicles will estimate how long it would take for the vehicle in question to arrive, then leave that long before the plane is due to arrive, so that the plane doesn’t have to wait for the vehicles to arrive.

Why it should be implemented:

With the vehicles arriving earlier, the planes don’t have to wait for the vehicles to get there, because they are already at the stand.


Devs are working on assigning vehicles to stands so that there won’t be delayed vehicle actions

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This would be great, especially for pushback tugs, that I would keep on the stand while flights are active.

EG0611: I know a lot of people are praying for assignment of vehicles to stands …

… but intelligent vehicle dispatchment ai isn’t the same feature as a plain vehicle to stand assignment.
So this one is a more advanced feature request.

edit: argh, didn’t recognize it’s a rather old topic which just got bumped up. :smiley:

It’s a very good request imho. If time is spent on the issue, should it be allocated to this, or to altering the code for assigning vehicles to specific locations. The latter is probably more realistic. The prior is probably an advanced feature for real airports…

I totally agree. At a large airport the vehicles are already at the gate ready to go when the plane arrives. This mainly happens with fuel and baggage.

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