Possible to have rare/random occurrences?

Random airport occurrences?

  • Concorde, random occurrence where a special contract might appear for this to land, get fuel and get passengers.
  • Air Force One, random occurrence where the airport gets put on lock down and no flights can come in or out. You can also have a few police like vehicles are waiting at the entrance.
  • Jet fighters, random occurrence where a jet lands at the airport to get fuel (maybe during a unscheduled flight that a commercial stand isn’t occupied).

Just to name a few things. Whenever you add achievements, you could also tie these things to achievements to see how many people actually saw these occurrences, etc.

This feature of course is nothing in high priority, just something for later on in the future maybe.

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Already suggested feature, in which I personally hope to see. So hears to hoping!

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