Possible bug?

So I have noticed that not all passengers are boarding the flight. I have 2 boarding check in desks for each stand that I have. It helps speed up boarding time and for pushback. I have been seeing this for a few flights that I have had in this airport, and previous save as well. Here is the attached screenshot:

Notice that the flight is missing just one passenger, the stair trucks are pulling away and pushback had already started. Normally I am missing anywhere between 5-10 passengers per flight at most.

Boarding speed is somehow slow. I do hope the devs increase the speed.

But it also depends on the rest of your setup. Where are the missing pax? Maybe they go to a far away restroom because all toilets nearby are occupied. Or there is a bottleneck at security.

PAX seem to get through security fine. Perhaps it’s that I have the shops and bathrooms to far away and they are missing their flight. I did submit and in game bug report though, I may have to switch my layout around to see where the problem is at.

But the aircraft is actually departing, correct? What does your flight process monitor say? Is everyone making it through the check-in and security?

Yes the aircraft are departing. Flight monitor shows that all PAX have made it through security. I have the self check in with the drop boxes for baggage. I did some changes and split up the security zones . It was one big zone, I have medium stands on the left, and large stands on the right. Splitting up the security zones seems to have helped a little bit.

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