Possible Bug

I am having a problem with the flight Auto Planner. I have it turned on, but it is only putting a small amount of flights per day, most of which are on my medium stands. All of the small stands are seemingly getting maybe 1 flight per day. It is giving me a flight rate of 85 out of 200 per day, when I have 22 aircraft stands, and many more contracts. I even checked the contracts, there are flights in them that are just not being scheduled, even if I have available time for them on one of my aircraft stands.
*the only stands with full usage are my 6 medium air stands.

I think it needs a few days to adjust, at least at my airport it got better after a while.

But still is happening, in fact I’m facing exactly the same issue, but with large stands (not having small ones):

My medium stands are fully planned for the whole week.
My large stands are often not filled completely, even if there are large flights.

But As I’ve already mentioned here: Airplane size/percentage bar - #17 by sirhc80
I guess it has something to do with system not supplying enough large flights, as even the unplanned large flights by far wouldn’t be enough to fill my gaps in flight planner…

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I agree

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