Possible bug: car parking slot blocked by one way road on map border


I’m not sure if it’s a bug since I’ve no idea how to verify it: it seems that the prebuilt road with one way signs blocks normal passenger traffic if roads are placed directly to the border:

No one is using the parking slot. I can’t see anything wrong, passengers should be able to enter the terminal. So, I wonder if the one way roads are the issue, preventing the cars turning right direction to reach the parking lot. Is there a way to remove the one way signs (beside of destroying and rebuilding the road)?


My guess is that the very edge of the map is not fully functionally as it overlaps into the boundary line. Just a guess though. Maybe something the developers might alter to make it impossible to build a road on those tiles, or fix the issue if there is a bug in doing so.

Tip - passengers need a walkable route from the boundary of individual carparks so far as I am aware. I always have a pathway around the full carpark or along one edge of it connecting to the terminal. The carpark on the right possible may not be walkable for the passengers? I don’t think they can path find across another carpark to reach it on foot.

Correct, if the road sprite won’t update and connect it means that connection is not allowed and you need to make the necessary building adjustments.

If the edge isn’t fully functional the game shouldn’t allow to build here. I’ll ask the devs about it :slight_smile:
I checked the passenger route with the pathfinder tool, it seems to be okay for both parking lots.

You’re referring to the straight line of the road marking, right? On the 2nd arrow pointing upward on the right lane? So, I wonder if it’s really necessary to have this limitation - I’d say no, but I don’t know the game mechanic regarding that :slight_smile:
And the same for the one way markers, are they really necessary?


I’ve never been able to build anything that close to the border. The first row is blocked, but you can use the other 3 rows of the 4x4 tile. So in that case, technically, there is no option to build that road at on that spot, how did you do that?


there is no option to build that road at on that spot, how did you do that?
Erm… I simply did it :slight_smile: So, if there’s really a restriction needed :cry: then the game shouldn’t allow to build there. I’d prefer that there are no such restrictions and no predefined one way signs, etc. But I don’t know if it’s possible.

Like this?
“Object needs to be inside the world”

Because I really can’t build there, literally.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Strange… Hmmm… try this: build the road by clicking one row above the position you showed and some tiles away from the original road, and drag to the lower tile and to the existing road. I remember I did my road by dragging, not single tiles.

Guess you found a yourself a Bug!

I hope this wouldn’t be considered as a bug :joy: I hope it will be still possible to build roads on the border, it just needs to be improved :crazy_face:
Seriously, how to proceed? Do I need to file this as a bug… erm… improvable item anywhere else?

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I reported it as a bug, it should be; A. build-able from all directions OR B Not build-able from any direction.

As for you airport, guess you need to mover everything up one tile or make it 1 direction with an entrance on the other side of the parking.

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Thank you. How to report bugs myself?

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While in-game,click on “game menu” → “report bug” in upper right corner.
Savefiles and logs are automatically uploaded.


Ouch, I’ve totally overseen that button, sorry :dizzy_face: Thank you.

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