Possibility to fork to Wiki.gg?

Has any discussion went into looking into moving to Wiki.gg ? Fandom is going nowhere sadly when it comes to injecting ads and videos to the wiki articles. Half your screen is taken up by the top ad banner.

Fandom firing all of old Gamepedia staff, Gamepedia wikis most likely have 0 say on changes in the future and how the changes affect the wikis (like discussion boards, which they could turn it on default at any given time).

Of course, money isn’t an issue at Fandom since they bought GameSpot/GiantBomb/Metacritic and have Fanatical for game revenue, but they still inject countless ads for everyone taking up bandwidth.

Just a thought to maybe have for the future.

Unfortunately that seems like a lot of work that we for the moment cannot spare, perhaps in the future we could look into some type of consolidation (including the new title) to a platform that we feel comfortable going forward with.

And maybe getting some more interest/work/links to the wiki? :wink:

Well, it’s really up to anyone to continue to add to the already existing wealth of knowledge! :smiley: The tutorial today is very well compensated with an extensive amount of YouTube tutorials and such so I do not believe that perhaps the wiki is where it makes most sense to spend time with now… :stuck_out_tongue:


On one hand, I see what you mean, the tutorial and youtube videos make for an excellent guide and a thorough tutorial. On the other hand, many games have a similar situation but also have a good wiki, which is very heavily used. Look at Stardew Valley for example. They have a ton of youtube guides but also an amazing wiki that is everyone’s first source of info about the game. That would be great for ACEO, but I see the immense effort it would take. I may get back into working on the wiki though… :smile:

Certainly very true, but Stardew Valley is an almost infinitely larger game than Airport CEO which is, in fact, quite small! :laughing: And that said, any contribution you or anyone else makes is both needed and highly appreciated! :pray:

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