Possibility of Game Cheats?

Does ACEO game engine allows cheats such as money cheat or change time of game? If yes what other cheats can be available?

I’d imagine they can open up a few dev tools for people to use as β€œcheats”, otherwise somebody will make a mod for it i’m sure. But to be honest, an everything is free sandbox mode could be the best way to go here.


I hope the game can be made sufficiently difficult that I couldn’t build O’Hare in the time it takes the contractors to build it. I would like to be able to work my way up.

If course would love the option to just build with no constraints as well. Too many games now days have no challenge. Great to have both open as options.

Already implemented! :slight_smile:


↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← β†’ ← β†’ B A


Fatality. Sub-Zero wins.

Konami code must be how you get into it with a controller

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