Pop up messages

Not a bug but a gripe, and a plea :). Half way through building something, cursor is loaded with a vital piece of missing luggage belt or a new desk for the COO, and you get one of those pesky pop-up messages in the middle of the screen, that asks if you want to delay a flight for an hour. You click on it to get it out of the way then the cursor changes back from the chosen item and you have to go back into the menu again to reselect it.
Is there any way you can dismiss the pop-up message without losing the cursor content? Its really annoying midway through a design build when theres 5 or 6 planes late due to the incomplete luggage belt you’re trying to fix :wink:

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If you go to the flight planner there is a grey box saying “ask” in the top right corner. If you click on it you can change it to never delay or always delay. This will stop pop up messages from appearing for flight delays. I hope this helped.

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You will need to select one to always delay or never delay. sorry I forgot to say this.

yep I don’t want to do that though, I want to be able to control when flights are delayed, I would like the cursor to revert back to building whatever it was you were halfway through doing after you clicked on the message.

I would file a bug report about it.

as a workaround you could pause the game when building :wink: