Polskair (The Polish Airway)

Airline Design Contest Submission

**Airline Name: Polskair

Airline Description: Founded in Krakow in 1967, Polskair has worked it’s way into becoming an international brand. Retaining traditional values and plans, this airline is in the process of modernising to keep up with the modern trends of customer services. With hubs around the globe, Polskair is on it’s way to becoming a world renowned airline!
Airline CEO Name: Feliks Adamski

**Airline Design Image:


This was terrible! Forget this thread happened

It’s always good to reflect on your mistakes. I see that you’ve been looking at a lot of the designs. Try choosing some that you like and seeing why you actually like those designs. Then use some of the design features that you saw in a new livery for the airline. I’m sure you can do it!

Thanks! I wish I could make something like this for the contest though