POLL: Help pick the next two wildcard aircraft in Airport CEO!

Next Aircraft Poll

Hello airport CEO! :airplane: :trophy:

Over the past few votes we’ve of course read, we’ve of course listened and we’ve of course realized that you’re bored of these small aircraft size specific votes and instead want to vote on something more thrilling! You want to vote on your favorites - of course. So to answer your prayers we’ve collected some of your most suggested aircraft to vote on and today we finally present them all here in this mega poll!

In no particular order for your consideration and vote we have the following birds to vote on…

The Aircraft

Airbus A220

Embraer EMB 110

Velocitiy V-Twin

Airbus A340

Saab 2000

Irkut MC-21-300

King Air 350i

Saab 340

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Fokker F100

Dornier 328

Pilatus PC-12

McDonnell Douglas MD-80

Airbus A330-200

The Poll

  • Embraer EMB 110
  • Airbus A340
  • Velocitiy V-Twin
  • Saab 2000
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-80
  • Fokker 100
  • Irkut MC-21-300
  • King Air 350i
  • Saab 340
  • McDonnel Douglas MD11
  • Dornier 328
  • Airbus A330-200
  • Pilatus PC-12
  • Airbus A220

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This time we’re setting up the poll a bit differently. Everyone will get two votes and the votes and the results will be hidden until the poll closes on the 12th of April 2019!

Disclaimer: For those wondering about the A380 and the Boeing 747 missing from this poll, they are both planned with the 747 being scheduled for production in the near future and the A380 in the further future.

Happy voting! :ballot_box:


Guys Fokker! Fokker Fokker GO!

  • Edit Fokker F100 has Image of Fokker F50. :grimacing:

Hi , i hope that not only 1 plane will come , i would love to see the MD80 , A220 , A330 , A340 , Do328 , in game. I hope soon :slight_smile:


Done, updated the Fokker with the correct image and removed some unnecessary responses here! :slight_smile:

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Great job :sweat_smile: I almost cried cause no F100 ;c

Voted! F100 and S2000 Love those aircrafts :heart_eyes:

As one guy said Swedish game needs Swedish plane.

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Team #Fokker and #MD-11 :wink:


If F100 takes the vote, I swear ill literally do every airline that operates/operated him :rofl::joy::sunglasses:

I love F100 and MD11 but can vote only 2.

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I think the A220 and A330 would look nice and add more variety to the aircraft in ACEO. The A330 would make there be both a large Airbus and a large Boeing (the 787). The A220 would add a newer aircraft to the game and it looks nice, in my opinion.

I think that A330s, 787s, A340 come as default large aircraft in game :smiley:

Can we choose 3 Aircrafts so 2 Medium and 1 Large or 2 Large and 1 Medium? @Olof

A330-200 .! vote

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@Olof I just noticed that you can cast more than one vote with the same choices or select three or more options. The former would enable someone to cast 100 votes with the same choices, letting those choices win by a large margin.

It is very likely that the game will see these aircraft types as well. These polls are not about dismissing a particular type but rather letting the community decide the order of implementation. :slight_smile:

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Can confirm, I just voted and I can vote again

I don’t think it matters cause vote has been already completed and no changes happens. Unless you change plane type.

Yeah, you’re right. The total number of voters doesn’t change

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If you select more than 2 options, the ‘vote’ button will automatically disable, so it will not register your vote or changes.


C´mon guys, you give me those amazing aircraft and I get only TWO votes? Seriously, Saab 2000 and Fokker 100 for the win.