Polish translation issues

Hi, I’m new to this forum, so I hope it’s the right place to make a post about that issue.
In alpha 35, there’s a Polish translation released. I know that it’s been done with the community help on Localizor, but the quality of it is… questionable. What I mean is that the most of the words are translated literally, out of the context and because of the complexity of Polish language some expressions are wrongly pronounced or they just look quite weird as they should be replaced with something more related to the in-game situation. Just for a quick example when you expand your airport “go big!” has been translated to something like “go crazy”. Some of those mistakes are bigger, some smaller, but there’s loads of it more or less noticeable at first.
That’s quite a problem if there’s a will to include Polish language in the final release.
I might be able to help, but reviewing all of that and doing it properly may take some time.

Hi, welcome to the forum! Especially because I’m from Poland too :slight_smile:
I noticed that too, that’s why I play English version. I think localizor works like that: you type your translation, and then people can “vote” which translation is good, but now not 100% of translations is verified. Probably that’s why there are some mistakes. To be honest I’m not sure how much votes every translation has to have.
Question to devs: what if in polish version some words does not fit in frame?

Only three votes are required to approve the translation. It might be even 10 “votes”, but without the in-game verification they may not fit so good. I’ve seen there some expressions that defo need some context, but they are still approved by voting community without that :frowning:

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