Please add this really soon

The ability to sort the vehicle window by Pushback Trucks and Belt Loaders. It would also be nice if the airplane stands, vehicle garages, parking lots etc, were organized in the selection list by our custom names and not the current mystery of a system. For that matter, it’d be nice if the vehicles appeared in the vehicle window by our custom names.

These take away the time lost trying to manage/organize the airport.

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You can already sort the vehicles.

I do get the custom names too so not sure why you’re not?

I do agree with sorting the names by alphabetical/numerical order as it would be much simpler to find and assign vehicles to stands/depots/lots

Also could the warning message that you get when the cursor is hovered over the drop down to assign vehicles be removed or at least moved so that it is possible to read which stand or depot you are assigning it to

I tend to name my stands A01, A02, A03 and B01, B02, B03 etc. You can only see the first three letters in the flight scheduled list so keep it to that.

I am currently unable to sort the vehicles by pushback truck and baggage truck. I already used the sort by fuel truck feature to begin assigning fuel trucks to stands and changing their colors. It was much easier than the belt trucks and push back trucks. It’s why I a putting this in a request as I know the feature is there. Someone just needs to update the file that allows us to choose the sorting component. It should be a relatively quick fix.

I did the exact thing the other day, so could very well be a bug in the latest version. Not tried it yet.

The numbers could at least be in the right order to make finding a stand easier

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And this is what I mean about the message

As do I… Mine are currently A-M, 1-8, an then the color of the terminal… C3 Orange. Then I’ll start to name the vehicles… C3 Orange PBT (pushback truck) and C3 Orange BL (belt loader) and C3 Orange FT (Fuel Truck)… I really don’t know why I want to spend my time on this, other than being related to a desire to organization. With 81 stands… I had to find some manner to be able to not waste time in the finding tasks for managing stuff. Plus, the longer the naming structure is in place, the more I start to know where things are supposed to be or things are going to figure out why they’re behving in really strange ways…

On a side note… has anyone starting locating baggage trucks on stands, and how well is it working. I’m considering using them in the parking lots and eliminating the vehicle depots once the aircraft support vehicles are fully assigned, but am curious what people are doing for it. It seems like all it would add travel time for the baggage trucks when grabbing the departing luggage, but it does make them readily available for baggage offloading, but if I assign one, does it mean then that only that truck will serve that aircraft… which would be somewhat efficient if the truck grabs the deboarding, unloads and picks up the boarding in the same run and returns to the stand (without having to go back to the base hub for redistribution between tasks)

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Blockquote And this is what I mean about the message


Oh my gosh yes. Please. And also the “set color” window be floating or draggable. or more transparent.

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I get that people have to learn how to play the game but when you have 250+ game hours the game should recognise this or have an option to turn of in game tutorial

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The same can also in fact be said for the contracts menu as they are currently organised randomly for airlines or by number of stars for contractors or fuel

It would be a lot easier to find airlines if organised alphabetically

Hay, I see some of my liveries in there :slight_smile: I can easily tell mine as well :rofl:


Absolutely love the mod, did you make the TAP express?

No, but I did fix with along with EG

Good good as I did find it funny to see the plane going backwards along the taxiways :rofl:

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I have all of your liveries in my contracts… I have contracts with all the airlines from the full mod.

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This!, a lot.

Blockquote You can already sort the vehicles.

I do get the custom names too so not sure why you’re not?

I see the names, but they’re not listed in alphabetic order. 81 gates gets tedious. especially when I set up my gates names in alphanumeric order.

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