Player configurable build times

One of the developers said that build times would be very fast so players wouldnt have to wait so long.
I hope that the developers do allow long build times, because it adds to the planning ahead part of the game.

To allow configurable build times, they could look at how ie. space engineers does it. There a the start of the game you can set different action times to realistic, x2, x5 or x10.
That would allow a fast game, where a building is complete in days, or realistic where it would take months, catering to different playing styles


I like this idea. Also it refers to another game but for once not Prison Architect. :wink:

Well, it could be an interesting mini game… Welding the building together… :smiley:

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Sure! Would be easy to implement, we’ll try and remeber it for when we implement the settings panels.


I think that this would be a good addition. Even just two speeds would be good - realistic and accelerated. I’d maybe suggest that accelerated construction be the norm (I think most players expect faster construction a la Prison Architect), and the option to go slow would be available (it is the option I would choose).

Perhaps the building speed can be a factor depending on your contract. A cheaper building contract will take longer, while a expensive one will be much faster! That way you can even speed up while playing it realistic.

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