Planning Mode question/suggestions

Love the Planning Mode feature. A couple of issues I’d like to ask about. It would seem that you’re only able to plan elements that you have researched and unlocked. Is this correct? It would be useful in the early game to be able to plan for the medium and large upgrades that come with the relevant research from the start. Is this something the game engine could support or does that overly complicate things?

Secondly, perhaps a better UI indicator that you’ve switched to planning mode. Something like a highlighted “halo” around the screen that says “PLANNING MODE” to remind you you’re not placing actual structures down.

Otherwise, great feature!


Yes, it would be great to be able to plan some things ahead before unlocking them, at least structures (for objects it isn’t that much required, as they can be moved around instead of being deconstructed).

For example I never remember what dimensions the fire station has - I only remember it was either 9 or 11 tiles long, and then I either need to destroy some structure in the place I wanted to put it in the 1st place, or need some odd placement.

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On planning mode it would be great if the yellow build it function didn’t look so similar to the yellow demolish function. It’s too easy to accidentally highlight and demolish a planned section instead of building it.

Agree with both. An indicator would serve as a mental speedbump, and planning before researching is always good.

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That is correct, good Sir!

Well, the build menu turns from yellow to white. To me personally that always has been a strong visual indicator. But tastes do vary.

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My only niggle about the construction planning is the color makes it difficult to see what you’ve planned out sometimes.

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To an experienced user, sure, planning things you have not researched could be useful. To a not so experienced user that would be very confusing and supporting both options through a slider would be very tricky and add a lot of complexity (not to mention the complexity of when building checking that a specific item can be built), so it’s unfortunately not something we’re going to do.

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