Planes should take off and land on runways nearer to their stand

Sorry I am new to the forum. I have been playing the games for a while. I like to build two runways on both sides of the map. But I notice some planes would taxi from a stand on the left all the way to runway on the right. Same goes for planes landing. This also accounts for flight delays. I will like to suggest that planes should be able to use runways closer to the stands.

Thank you

Alright, you second me, I second you, I’ve had this too,it’s just annoying.

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AFAIK it’s possible to connect runways to stands, so if you have 2 runways (landing and take-off, or 4 separated) on your map and let’s say stands on the right and left of your map, you can connect the runways to the set of stands you want them to and the ATC tower should do the rest. So do not connect the taxi ways, otherwise the ATC tower has the option of both runways.


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