Planes often late because boarding doesn't start with enough time

I have remote stands that are not really that far away.

  • Plane lands
  • I easily complete all the turnaround services with like 2.5 hours spare time.
  • All passengers are waiting at their gate.
  • Boarding doesn’t start until 30m before departure
  • Takes 35m to get to the stand on the bus.
  • Plane is late

The passengers have been sitting there for hours. Why can’t they just board an hour before the flight instead of half? Would be great if the gate opening times were configurable for each stand.

I’ll attach screens.

Turnaround services complete at 12:08 - Plane departs at 14:45

I have this problem as well, only it happens with the medium stands boarding more than 100 people. They’ll sit there for hours, then the autoscheduler puts all the planes in the airport arriving and departing at the same time turns into gridlock.

Hey, correct, this is a side effect of the changed job dispatchment system and the altered time scale. We’ll deploy sn update after the 26th adressing and adjusting these isssues.


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