Planes not going through deicing stand

So at my airport when I placed a deicing stand in it the planes don’t go through it even though that bug got fixed. The planes go the other direction, taxi along the runway to the same side as the deicing stand, turn around and takeoff. Idk why is wrong.
(I’m on my phone so I don’t have any pictures right now)

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I had the same problem at the beginning but after short time it worked well, so just the first planes went the wrong way. Of course it helps to set the runway exit one-way.

The only problem would be if you place the deicing stand directly connected to the runway entrance, that doesn’t work. In that case the runway entrance will show the symbol for a missing taxiway connection. You need at least one field of normal taxiway in between.

Yes I do have normal taxi way between the runway and the deicing but I will try the one way taxiways (honestly forgot they were there) and the exit only thing on the runway exit.

I’m not sure I understand, can you include a few screens of the problem area?

Ya I will as soon as I can

ok i finaly got it fixed. had to combo one way taxiway and runway exits because when i did just runway exit set to, well exit only all the planes ignored that and still used it the wrong way.

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