Planes always being delayed

Hi, I’ve got a problem. I’ve got some commercial flights, and even if I get everything done in time, the plane will not pushback until I press yes when it says ‘ this plane is late, would you like to send it away?’ Could someone help me with this? Why is it doing this? How can I resolve it?

Watch turnaround process from beginning to end. Try to find which step is delaying and what is the cause of it.

The most common reason is far away vehicle depot, cargo bay or staff room.

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I have a large airport and I often find that passengers will go to a shop or a restaurant on the far side of my terminal, even though there is a restaurant and shop close to their boarding gate. This always causes flight delays as 2 or 3 passengers walk to slowly to board…

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Simply dismiss the plane and tell them they will be the first on the next one.


Do you have push bag tugs?

Have a look at your job list for issues with staffing levels?

I don’t have a pushback tug. Doh! Can’t believe I forgot! I also forgot an ATCT earlier!!


We are all learning :slight_smile:

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