Plane pushback improvements

I got a suggestion for the upcoming updates:

Usually at real life airports, when planes get pushed back (not light aircraft at all), the pushback tractor turns 90 degrees to its left or to its right and follows the taxiway lines accordingly, depending on the runway (and direction) to be used for takeoff. The engines start during the duration of the pushback as so. After the pushback, the plane stays for a while (x in-game minutes), before heading towards the runway for departure.

Light aircraft don’t need it at all, but medium-sized aircraft need these implementations to increase the realism in it. This should also be done to large-sized aircraft in the future.

Reason for implementation:
To increase realism

One example:

Ramp agents should also follow the plane as seen in the video to monitor the pushback.
As seen in the video, the engines are idle at the start, and when the pushback tractor turns, the engines start one by one. Most of the detailing of pushbacks should be implemented from the operation done on this video.


While pushback truck was implemented, devs said that 90 degrees turning would be implemented in future due to lack of smartness of aircraft path finding.

Who knos maybe the system is ready for such a feature :wink:


isn’t that what it does when you set a different pushback point?

isn’t that what it does when you set a different pushback point?

No, it just changes vertical pushback direction but still airplane does 90 degrees turn.

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