Plane prioritization on taxiways is a strange thing

I’m not sure how this goes IRL, but I think it’s strange that commercial flights not have priority over GA flights on taxiways.

Like this strange thing. See picture below

Plane B(GA) arrived from the right at the holding point, while plane A was landing.
Plane A(COM) exits the runway, runway is clear and another plane takes off, both A and B are still waiting on holdingpoints (while A could move, because nothing was on his path)
Runway is clear again after takeoff and plane B gets priority, driving through plane A before plane A is able to start moving.

The problem was that plane B already was prioritized over plana A. So while plane B was stuck, plane A was also stuck because of plane B.

Same thing happens if plane A would have landed AFTER plane B, but would have exited at point C, it still needs to hold because of plane B was earlier and thus prioritized, even if it had to wait for multiple planes to takeoff or land.
Recalculation during taxiing should be part of the taxiway prioritization process I think.

I too am noticing very strange routing on the taxi ways. Double backs, circles and strange routes. Code needs to be adjusted for the planes to take the best route without running all over the place.

Also, designations for out bound taxi way and inbound might help solve the problem.