Placing Concourses similar to Terminals

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Placing Concourses similar to Terminals


Having the ability to separate your airport into Concourses in addition to Terminals. Concourses would be for areas of the airport where security and/or car/bus/taxi stops cannot be included with the gate areas. The ability to assign concourses would do the same compartmentalization as the current Terminal in terms of # of employees/service vehicles assigned, but excluding the security and transportation structure part.

Why it should be implemented:

Some airports have concourses that are not connected to the main terminal where security and passenger pickup/dropoff are (ATL, C gates at ORD, etc). If you have an airport layout similar to ATL where you cannot really have separate terminals, employee job tasks can sometimes be delayed due to long walking distance to their next task. Placing terminals is great, but requires security and transportation structure (at least I assume based on the red indicators when opening the Terminal overlay).

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Iā€™m not a fan of this overzoneing at all. Simply assign staff to specific rooms and preferring to take up jobs nearby would help a lot already.


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