Piped Gasoline?

Would it be a good idea to have a system that pipes gasoline to the Airplanes, as a new research option or something like that? The fuel trucks are good on a small airport, but on a larger airport they start to clog up the service roads. The pipe system would connect to the fuel tanks, and pump to each individual stand so that all they had to do was plug it in. Just an idea…


I actually like this idea. I imagine you could lay the pipelines like we lay the underground luggage conveyor belts, all originating at a Fuel Depot somewhere on the airport property.

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Why not. It can be a procurement as “Fuel Pipeline” so you will have 4 new things;

  • Fuel pump truck (which will take fuel from pipeline under stand and pump it to airplane)
  • Pipeline construction
  • Fuel pump station on fuel depot (another 3x3 building with ability of connecting pipelines)
  • Stand upgrade to accept fuel pipeline (with ability of connecting pipelines)

Pros: Faster fuel transfer.
Cons: Expensive to purchase and maintain.

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It would be nice if the Fuel Pump truck would be the “stand upgrade”, so it would be localized.

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It would be nice if the Fuel Pump truck would be the “stand upgrade”, so it would be localized.

You can’t directly transfer fuel from underground pipe to airplane. You need a second pump in between them. Otherwise it won’t be enjoyable to build pipe system :wink:

That brings back memories. :grin:


Recently I was thinking about a possibility to connect smaller gas tanks around the whole airport to a bigger one at the entrance. The small ones will be filled through pipes, possibly at a slow rate, from the big one and are only used to fill fuel trucks. Only the big gas tank will be supplied by fuel trucks from the fuel supplier.

Not sure though, how relevant this still would be, if you could connect the stands with pipes directly … still I think this could give you some additional, optional flexibility.

I’m also thinking about gas supply by trucks from the supplier should be limited somehow. Once your gas consumtion get’s very high you should be able or even in need to be supplied by gas pipes by the fuel supplier itself.

This could be done by getting fuel in pipes cheaper than delivered by trucks, but suppliers pipes/pump station are expensive to be built (e.g. procurement-like). Also, fuel contracts could get a maximum of possible deliverys per year/season or something like that.

What game is that? (If it is a game)

Simcity 3000

No, it’s SimCity 2000 :wink:


I guess what he means is to have that second pump permanently stationed on a particular stand and operated by a ramp agent.


Sim City 2000 :smiley:

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Yes, the idea from OP was less traffic.

But… in real world all planes are filled up from trucks. Or am I wrong?


Image Source: de.wikipedia.org

These markings even are shown on the stands ingame already.
Or do you mean that these pump trucks are still needed? Don’t know, if stationary pumps are used sometimes.

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So according to these articles there are 2 fuel systems; One with tanker and other one is pump truck.

And this picture summarizes the system:

So long to short, there has to be a pump truck in order to transfer fuel from underground pipe system to arplane.

Based on the info in the thread, and some googling ending up in about 40 tabs with wikis and stuff about refueling processes, I learned a lot. For me it seemed very logical that you would go with a localized stationary solution for a stand. Some advisory firms seem to have ideas in this direction but I do not find actual implementations.

On the bigger chemical terminals they do have stationary pump systems it seems, even for kerosene, but they are all for filling up mobile units.

Now I am wondering why airports do not have stationary pumps that are stand oriented.

Now I am wondering why airports do not have stationary pumps that are stand oriented.

I think it is about safety. If a fire comes out while refueling, the fuel tanker truck and fuel pump has to evacuate stand as fast as they can. This is also the reason of why tankers and pump trucks face towards free area and no cars are allowed to block theit escape paths.

That sounds as a very logical reasoning.

That explains the compartmentalized pumping stations on chemical plants too, now I think of it, while they process the fueling to a mobile unit, they disconnect the plant.

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