Persistent error due to lack of "person car" supply

I’m getting this error constantly now (“Passengers and employees are having trouble leaving the airport…”) despite having more than adequate parking arrangements and plenty of subway stations. The issue seems to be a lack of incoming “person car” vehicles, either to fill up the car parks or pick up from car stops. This screenshot illustrates the problem: there are 8 incoming/parked taxis to service 10 taxi stops, 4 buses to serve 5 bus stops, but only 2 incoming “person” cars. The car stops are mostly full with waiting pax, and the large parking lots are almost empty. I have two World Entrance Tunnels servicing this system but despite this I never get enough “person” cars to satisfy demand.

EDIT: spoke too soon, the error is back…

Well I found a solution for the error. It seems unrelated to the person car issue, although it could be indirectly related (see below). I noticed groups of people gathered at the entrance to two remote subway stations (circled in red in screenshot) on either side of the terminal which were connected to the parking area only via stairs to an underground level. I decided to connect them to the main parking area using walkways (in green) and the error disappeared. I feel this might be related to the person car issue because these people may have been somehow blocking demand for these vehicles in their stuck state.

Were these areas separated by terminal zoning?

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