Performance HEAVILY decreased on 3.3-5

With previous versions I’ve experienced the expected low framerates in the “late game” (large airports with many passengers and large stands). However, with the current experimental branch I’m experiencing WAY worse performance; at 3 speed it’s literally unplayable (below 10 fps, mouse coursor is always half the screen away from where you’re trying to point at, no matter how slow you move it). At speed 2 and even 1 framerate already fluctuates heavily from 10 to, rarely 50, often at 20-30.

2k pax; 6 small and 6 medium stands, no large ones; 125 employees

i5 7500
AMD RX 580
16GB DDR4 GSkill

In case I wasn’t clear enough: I’m not saying performance is poor (though probably my airport is still too small to perform poorly), I’m saying performance has been considerably worsened when compared to previous betas.

This is a long shot, but for me the issue was the carparks keep emptying on reload of a save game. Once I had allowed that to complete (I cheated using the F10 clear vehicle paths button repeatedly) and saved the game again on the new version 3 on default, the clearing of the carparks has not happened again.

Is this during night time with lighting outside? Because for me during night time when I have lights outside and I zoom out my performance drops a lot!

Now that you mention, jams at the entrance of my vehicle deposit are absolute madness. Like ALL vehicles trying to exit and enter at the same time, most of them getting stuck. I tried to assign them to different parkings or stands but tbh I haven’t checked again since I did. In any case, vehicles don’t seem very smart, or maybe they could try to assign themselves to any free parking when you don’t do it yourself.

It’s all the time really. It doesn’t drop when I do some specific action and the rest of the time goes fine; it just barely runs when I speed it up, and it’s not much better if I leave it at 1 speed.

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