People not leaving the busstation


I just registered to this forum.

I have some trouble with the AI.
In the attached screenshots you will see people standing at the bus-stops, not walking to their destination.

First I thought, its all about the crosswalks.
But after building a normal sidewalk, they still not moving anywhere.

Of course there are no zones or anythink outside.

Maybe someone have a good idea?

Hi and welcome.

No zones and a path to the building is correct. Crosswalks are also ok.
But where is the entrance? I guess they want to go to the check in.



thanks for answering.
A bit down are enough doors to enter the building.

There are passengers, for the check-in and employees want going to work.

By the way, restarting the game does not help

Can you show us the entire way?
Also a common starter issue is that people place a window instead of a door. :slight_smile:

I will attach a screenshot.
There are no windows instead the doors.
People arriving per taxi or car can enter the building

So far everything looks good. Did you check where they want to go?

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Can you see what check-in desk they are targeting? If so use the passenger path tool and click between the two positions to see if that reveals any issues.

Iā€™m not sure, if I identify it right, but: are all of the people at the bus stations staff members?

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