People dont check in or go through security

Hey, any idea what is wrong when peopla are not checking in or going through security? Do i also have to do an international zone behind security?

Not sure it’s the reason why they aren’t checking in, but if they are on an international flight they have no way of getting to the boarding desks in that image, as the international zone is only around the boarding desk - you need passport control after security for departing passengers as well as arriving passengers.

Now changed but its not getting better or do i still something wrong? Also changed the exit, is it correct like this?

Have you got security enabled in the operations tab? Can’t think of anything else obvious from the screenshots alone

Yes i do. All services are open.

I can’t see anything obvious wrong. But I do see that you have no way for your staff to enter international zone 5. Pax enter it via arriving bus, but you need a way for staff to get in there, so place at least one security (small is fine) and set it to staff only.

You also need an exit from secure zone 1 for pax that miss their flights to exit. Same for international zones, make sure pax can leave if they miss flight by placing a passport check in the opposite direction (from international departure to the secure zone and the secure zone exit).

If they are not checking in - make sure that you have checkin desks assigned to the flight. Make sure you have enough connected to each baggage bay to handle all the flights that baggage bay handles. And if staffed desks, make sure you have enough passenger agents to staff all of them at peak times. Place staff rooms close by so staff don’t have to walk far. If you are suing terminals, make sure you have staff enough assigned to the correct terminal.

Thanks for ur comment. I have an upper floor where my jetbridge are connected and from there the can go to the exit but also now placed another exit on the right side for people who missed their flight. But still noone checked in :frowning:

hm, maybe try deleting the lowest row of the staff-zone at the check-in-desks. I could think, that this is a problem for the pax.

I have a roughly similar problem. The security desks are connected to the weirdest stands and rebuilding doesn’t help. Is there any option to assign them manually?

From what I can see, the International zone has no proper entry nor exit, as the red markers with the “0” within indicats. So make sure your passport checks are connectet both to the international and not international zone. For me It looks like the zoning at the left side of the desks is too far, which means it is impossible to leave the int zone via these desks.

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Have you checked the connections to the baggage bays to ensure they’re correct? Also, for this amount of pax, it looks like you need a lot more check-in desks.

My advice would be to install the self-check in desks and the baggage drop-off and see if your pax would go for it.

EDIT: also another critical Q: is this a single terminal or multiple terminals?

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can you send a close up screenshot of your international passport check.

Also the check-in desks


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Its a single Terminal, on the ground floor check in, bus gates and arrival. On the upper floor a are the gates with jetbridges. All in all i have 10 gates at the terminal and 13 on the apron.

As demonstrated in this topic it’s unfortunately a bit difficult to help with these massive airports just based of off the screenshots. What does your flight process panel look like?

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Sorry but what do u mean with this What does your flight process panel look like? Dont understand it.

Press G to openn up the flight proccess panel and then send us a screenshot of it! :slight_smile:

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27 Pax :open_mouth: holy guacamole!


I guess it is one of those moments when you create a thing and suddenly, somebody shows you how he used it and you think “It could do THAT???”

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Hopefully u mean that?

Yes that’s it. Your notification bell must be telling you of problems, there appear to be a lot there. It appears your baggage is either not hooked up properly or not turned on.

The red on arrived passengers indicate not enough bus, parking or metro.

I can’t see why people are not going through security, but wonder if it is related to the baggage problem?