People can't find a way to

Hi there,

i just startet playing Airport CEO, and i always have the Problem, that some People “can’t find the way to…”

  • a securearea exit,
  • there working place,
  • the staff room,
  • etc.

i got a security checkpoint for employees and Staff, and its not enough because i’m only playing with small planes until now.
i placed a staff room in and outside the securearea
Sometimes when it says “cant find a staff room” and i locate the person, it is already in the staff room

Is it a Bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi, could you send some photos? Especially wide angle and close angle photos with areas enabled would be very useful.

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It sounds like you haven’t applied the correct zoneing, is this accurate? Can you send a few screens with zones enabled?

Lol, these erros are very common ;), every airport has them, just ignore ;).

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