PEN - Penang International Airport

Hi all,

I have just uploaded my save PEN - Penang International Airport to the Steam Workshop. Well, I call it Skyport Penang, but it’s based on the actual airport in Penang, within the limits of ACEO 34.6-3.

Get it here: Steam Community :: Error

As you will see, I’ve played it a bit (only 5 stands operating). I do this to let staff requirements catch up to operation requirements, as opening all stands at once can result in disaster, and angry Airline Key Account Managers. I prefer to avoid that.

Enjoy, modify, bulldoze the whole thing and build an airfield, I don’t mind! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: 5 MAY 2020 - Steam Workshop::Skyport Penang

See Update Post for notes.

It’s a nice little airport, I can tell you that! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have noticed that all the boarding desk are the wrong way round, but not difficult to fix.

When I loaded the airport this morning, suddenly my employees can’t path correctly, will investigate that and see what fix is required.

UPDATE - 5 MAY 2020

  • I have split the “Domestic” & ‘International’ security zones, in anticpation of the A35 update that will allow the respective areas.

  • Some of the boarding desks are still reversed, will fix that in due course.

  • Added a second staff room, so there are now two, one for the Domestic terminal, and the other International.

  • Am considering removing the remote stands, as they have constant delays. Might just move these to the terminal, if not removing them completely.

I haven’t abandoned PEN, just playing around with the design (real and fictional). All airlines currently coming to the airport are ALL International flights, and as it stands, the airport does not have enough space for that many International flights. A35 might changes this, idk, I am not on the Experimental branch.

What my next goal is, is to create/compile a mod that includes the real word airlines and aircraft that operate to/from PEN, to complement the airport design. Just a pity we can’t set the routes, as Lahore/Pakistan/India is extremely well served by ALL airlines out of PEN, even a Qatar Airways A319. lol. But withing ACEO’s current limits, I at least want the airlines and equipment to be realistic, even if the routes are not.

For example, QR (Qatar) operate a 787 to/from Penang, so even if the destination is wrong, at least the equipment won’t be.

Well Monday is your lucky day! :wink:
Dev Blog 150: Stabilizing Alpha 35, Alpha 36 and beyond!

I saw, I can’t wait to start playing with A35, my airport is essentially shutdown while I am busy figuring how to mod the airline contracts that I want for it anyway, so perfect timing.

Are you going to release pictures here?

Yep, and will upload save to the Workshop!

Unfortunately not the airline mod, as I will be using other modders work.

Hello, don’t know if you know this yet. but you can “replace” the airprotData.json file with a temporary
one with only the airports you want your “airport” (not each airline) to fly to.

in the ACEO content folder under Game Data. is the list of Airports.

If you duplicate this and save it somewhere “unedited” so you can put back when you aren’t playing your PEN airport. You can then edit another copy of it and put in in this location

you can then go through and pick the airports you want your airport to fly to. All airlines will fly to those airports but at least It will be a bit more customized with the destinations of your airport.

Make sure you keep the airport that is located in the city of your airport you are creating so that city is there for your airport location to reference

you can also add missing airports if they aren’t included the AirportData.json

anyhow let me know if you have any questions.

Again duplicate the AirportData.Json file first and save it in a secure location and don’t edit that one.

The only thing that might be tricky is if you narrow down the airport list to only a selected few, This might affect how many offered flights or if any you get for a certain aircraft as they are based off of distances for each aircraft. so if there is no airport that falls in the distance range of an aircraft in one of your contracts, you might not get any offered flights. so keep that in mind and keep a wide range of airports selected with a range of distances from your airport so each aircraft had a place or a few to fly to

and when you are done and want the full list of airports back in the game, copy the original one you saved somewhere that you didn’t edit back to that folder location.

I believe if you change or add airports you might need to cancel the contracts and start them new for them to take effect

@twocflyer, thanks, did not know the trick about editing the airports file, will try that.

I have Emirates and Qatar as my two long haul carriers serving PEN, so will obviously leave Doha and Dubai in. Ofc, that won’t stop Qatar flying to Dubai and Emirates to Doha, but as you say, a bit more customized.

I am using the PEN Wiki page as reference for airlines and flights, so in theory if I have Air Asia, and only those airports Air Asia serves from PEN included, the respective flights should be offered. Ofc, as with Qatar and Emirates, it won’t stop other airlines with the correct aircraft flying to those destinations, but at least a bit more realistic. Let’s pretend that they’re code-sharing or something.

I edited the AirportData.json file, but am still getting contracts to destinations not listed in that folder, eg. Lahore, that airport is NOT in my edited .json file, yet one of the airlines (China Southern in this case), still want to fly there.

I did cancel and re-sign the contracts as well, unless the airports are still ‘linked’ to the save?

hmm im not sure. why its doing that it was working fo me the other day

It must be linked somewhere else, default Airlines also go wherever, and not limited to the airports in the modified json file.

hmmm weird. I wonder if the devs changed something. I haven’t used edited AirportData.jsons in a few updates. however it did work for me when I did it about 6 or 7 days ago. and Rubble showed me how to do it. and it was working for him

and im pretty sure I did it to an airport that was already established and started with the original airportData.json. so yeah. hmmmm… but I don’t use default airlines I have those turned off so don’t know if that might be the difference .

how did you edit the airportData.json? did you completely delete most of the airports you didn’t want?

also not sure if you have a windows o Mac OS but here is a good json editor for Mac users. makes editing jsons so much easier and you don’t have to do the formatting.

SmartJson Editor (for Mac):


  • I tried it with both custom airlines (default deactivated) and default airlines (custom deactivated), same result
  • Correct, removed all those airports except the ones I wanted, edited with Notepad but saving with a .json extension.
  • Am on windows, maybe will look for a good json editor for that, but don’t mind doing it manually either.

Now that A35 - The Terminal Update - has been released, I am busy tweaking my PEN design accordingly. I have got my domestic and international terminals setup, but am having some challenges there. This is mainly due to the design of PEN that has the two terminals almost overlapping, but not a big issue.

Another challenge is that the international stands are a mixture of med/large, as per the actual airport, but no international medium flights are coming through.

I have added a couple of airline lounges just because, and obviously had to add passport control to the international terminal, which required some modifications to the terminal to accommodate this, but trying to stay as true to life to the actual airport as much as I can.