Payment Per Flight, completed stamp & Economy

Hello I have a suggestion for the Payment Per Flight system.

When I’m browsing the flight planner there is a green money sum with the hover text “The sum the airline will pay you if your flight leaves on time. This amount will decrees if a delay occurs.

Currently, I feel like there is no way to track the amount you were paid from successfully managing a flight without delay. Other than playing on Extreme where the money flow becomes very visible in the first years.

I’m suggesting tow things for making it easier to track this in the economy

  1. Making an extra row in the Economy tab for payment per flight. This will make it much easier to keep track of how much profits is made by the flights from the contract.

  2. Placing a stamp on flights in the flight planner that give you the information of how well managed the flight was and how much you were paid by the flight. This would give you insight in what you might need to improve as well how much profit you made in that flight.

I’m mostly playing on the difficulty Extreme and I like to know where all the money goes. So these things become visible very quickly, btw currently I’m not receiving this payment which gives me a profit of roughly 1500 per in-game day. :joy:

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