PAX won't board - flights go away w/o them and they stay in terminal

No idea what’s going on. They seem to check in just fine but they hang around my terminal instead of getting on their planes. Any idea what could be up?

Well I’m dumb, I forgot to build a secure area exit. That explains why people didn’t leave. Adding that also somehow make PAX board. Not sure why but I guess that’s good.

Now my only problem is that I have a handful of PAX sitting around in my seating for days. Not sure if it’s related.


Great that you fixed the problem! What game version are you playing on?

Thanks and I’m playing on the latest experimental release. They also all eventually left which makes me think they were standing around for so long that they needed rest before they were ready to leave.

However, now I have a few new problems. The first is that PAX will go into my bathroom and huddle in the walkway of the bathroom needing to go to the bathroom but not going. Some of them will go so I know the bathroom isn’t entirely broken, but most will just stand around.

Second is that PAX will line up to board just fine and airport staff will get there on time but will stand around for an hour after boarding time before starting to board PAX. This results in flights being late. Sometimes PAX will stand around the boarding desk and watch the line shorten but even as they work through the line, they will stand there staring at the desk for up to an hour before actually approaching it to board.

Any idea on either of these? I can send in a save file if it would help. I have to think the issues are at least somewhat connected.

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Sounds like you have too few relief items in your bathroom, the passengers are not very smart today and won’t wait for one to become available. Instead they just say “whelp, no toilet is available, I’m just gonna go”. When they stand around they are probably waiting for a path from the system. How many pax do you have in this airport?

Again, sounds like an issue with a overwhelmed path queue. How many pax do you have?

I once had an issue where a planes just wouldn’t leave the gate. More and more PAX came, but the same 4 planes stayed at the gates.

Also, nice username :wink:

I have a ton of pax. That’s probably it.

I didn’t play for a few weeks and when I came back, it worked fine. So either reloading fixed it or an update made since then fixed it.

I am having THE EXACT SAME ISSUES! However, my passengers seem like they will never leave. They are stuck in bathrooms/huddling around just 1 gate. When I click on any passenger, NONE of them have any boarding pass info associated with them, which makes me think their plane left without them. Now they just mess up my framerate, continually deteriorating it. Now, don’t you think if you missed a flight/your flight was cancelled that you would leave the airport? This s really unfortunate because I am in love with the airport I have, but I dread loading it now because it is just so slow!

Have you built a security exit?


And is the airport zoned correctly? Looks very suspicious otherwise.

The problemwas solved in this thread :slight_smile: :

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