PAX walking across stands, through walls

Opened a new concourse and passengers are walking through the stands and walls of a baggage bay to a secure exit in another concourse, then out to baggage claim. I have my zones all correct, and even set the outside secure and baggage bay as staff and secure as well. They have a proper path, they just refuse to use it and inherited a super power that they can pass through walls.

Bug report was submitted with the name of this topic.

HI Thorozar and devs. I have the same problem and already mentioned it in another topic. As you can see in the screenshot below, people exit a plane and move to the exit. So everything is fine here and people are moving through the security area to the baggage claim handling area (1). On the right side of this screenshot there is a new area to extend my airport, it’s only open to staff (you can see some of the construction workers standing there) and not to the passengers (yet). The idea is/was to open it as soon as it’s complete and functional. On the right side you can see an area for a new security exit, which has not been built, yet (2)

Now we have the same suituation with passengers leaving the plane but meanwhile I’ve built the security exit (2). The area is still closed for the passengers. But now it’s getting all weird. Many passengers are still walking through the right exit (1) but some of them (3) suddenly walk through the walls to the other exit and get stucked right behind it (2). One person even manages to walk into an area without nothing to do (4). It’s obviously weird enough that people walk through walls but that aside it doesn’t make sense as a) the area is not open for passengers b) there is nothing behind that exit (2), not a baggage claim and no busstop or car area and b) it’s far away (the other exit (1)is much closer) and c) they refuse to move any further as soon as they have left the exit.

I will provide zipfiles of the savegames and send them to you via bugreport. Hope it will help you.

Had a similar problem.
Builded a new small secuity for employees. Three large securitys worked find at that ime. The Area for the new security was too small an everyone walked through walls and doors.
The exit-doors stood open all the time and won`t close after a passenger leaving the security-zone. Then all the people who went through the large security check-up and were checked out at a small point and did not go to the stands, so all my flights were late because the boarding was not completed.
I deleted the small security and mad larger areas. that worked fine for me. Hope it will help you ot.

Different problem… I get a “a bag for flight xxx got suck on conveyor belt” or “a person cant collect his bag” notification…all other bags make their way safely to the loading dock… anybody else experiencing this? Does this happen sometimes to make the game more interesting or is it a bug?