Pax keep waiting at upper floor gate

2 planes(close to terminal and remote stands) start boarding at same time. {sometimes the jetway stand is unoccupied}Pax using jetway has successfully been on board. Pax using ground level shuttle bus, which goes to remote stand, keep standing around jetway on upper floor.

The passenger service agents and the bus are ready but the pax insist using jetway to go to remote stand. maybe they are trying to travel to remote stand by plane? Or they wanna have an indirect flight from my airport to my airport and then to the destination?

ive been sending those empty planes straight away to takeoff. my planes will not wait for idiots. sometimes only a few was at ground level and got on the bus.
idk what to do with the idiots. pls help

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Hello :slight_smile:

Could you provide some screenshots of incident? Also could you check that if there is a path in between security station and boarding desk which can be used by PAX?

Everything is connected probably, all r in secured zone

picture will help us a lot to help you. Could be anything but usually it’s a zone issue - maybe the door is not zoned, or walkway, etc. It will help to see what you are describing.

door is zoned. like i said, there was a few pax got on the bus. both stands work and all green. only pax are not willing move to ground floor and get on the bus.

if the door is not zoned, explain how 10 out of 300 passenger got on the shuttle bus. the passengers also successfully deboarding from remote stand to the terminal.

a little part of my terminal is concaved inward so i could put shuttle bus stop and servive car stop between the stand(using jetway) and terminal.
i placed boarding decks on the same area, where the jetway is connected, on different floor.

at first, both boarding desks on different floors were auto connected to the jetway stand. i managed to disconnect the ground floor stand and connect it to remote stand with usable shuttle bus stop and service car stop. [deboarding pax , unloading and loading baggage are all good]

ill post the screenshot later on.

but if pax can deboard, it means the connect between remote stand and bus stop is all good.

the problem maybe due to lack of seats, pax rather sit on upper floors seats where vertical closer to the boarding desk on ground floor.

when boarding, pax may think they can use the ground floor boarding desk but in fact they r standing right on top, where is also the jetway stand boarding desk is located. [im sure there are stairs and escalators, stands r connected to the right desk]{ both floors are secured and linked to the same security posts}

ground floor

upper floor

all connected

in case of saying i didnt zone properly

in case of saying i connect both boarding desk wrong, here is the jetway stand and the desk

when no delay, everyonr gets on-board

Its very difficult to see your pictures, actual screenshots would be better.

I am curious, how to PAX get from the upper floor to the ground floor?

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Yeah, we need to see screenshots instead to properly aid you with this issue! :slight_smile:

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escalator and stairs, right next to shops and restaurants

And with the updated snippet tool having a snippet now, in 3 seconds, or in 10 seconds (which I just discovered a couple days ago) it makes it super easy.

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I too ran into this issue and I think I managed to capture the required screenshots.

In this we can see that the boarding has started. Flight was scheduled to leave at 02:30am and its 03:47am and they are all stuck at the boarding gate.

At first I thought was a bug due to zoning issue, but the arriving passengers got out and some departing passengers managed to board.

But they just stand there.

For what is worth, I didn’t see the problem for two consecutive game restarts, but this time there was not public and service road constructions going on in Floor -1.

Let me know if you need any more details.

I have seen a similar issue to this. My speculation is it is caused by PAX from other flights roaming through the terminal and down the jet bridge. I have seen it at one of my airports where PAX will basically walk around the perimeter of the terminal and when they get to a jet bridge, they walk about halfway down the jet bridge, pause, walkout and continue around the terminal until they get to their gate. Then, when boarding starts at that gate, for some reason the PAX that do not belong on that flight seem to clog things up with the actual boarding PAX and then it deadlocks.

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