PAX can't resolve floor 1 security

Not sure if this is just me doing smth wrong or if it’s an actual bug but I’ve got the following failing setup:

  • floor 0: has a public boarding area and a segregated secure area (marked as “secure area 5”)
  • floor 1: has the security stations and is connected to the same secure area
  • floor 1 secure area has elevators going down to floor 0 secure area, where the gates are located
  • floor travel is done via elevators, no stairs

What happens:
Pax check-in successfully but then fail to path from floor 0 to floor 1.

I can add pics if needed.
This is beta 2.2-3 btw.

EDIT: definitely a bug here as when I reloaded the game the pax were able to resolve the path just fine.

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