Pause - CPU

Why is the CPU of your processor huge when you pause the game?

I dont get that at all.

Whats the game so busy with? Not the pathfinder (that I would love to go on)

FPS reports ZERO in F10 menu… so, whats up?

OS and specs? Does it max out? Is it lowered when you play the game?

The game and TASK manager;

PC setup;


Just had my first crash - see @ your email account for output.log

Mine is a CPU hog as well, even when not paused. Sucks up over 2 gig of RAM as well.


@Olof @Fredrik looks like you have a code black resource usage/performance issue!

The game still runs on paused mode. It basically pauses the game time but many critical functions are still active. FPS is 0 due to the time measuring not working on paused mode. You should actually feel a general increase in FPS when paused mode, however, what you say can be a hint for other performance problems so we will run some tests on this. :slight_smile: