Pathing errors between zones

After playing around with a simple airport without any pathing errors everything has broken spectacularly the moment I added an underground floor; even between zones directly adjacent on the same level and I am coming up short as to why.

Sample error

This employee is for some reason trying to use the bathroom in the upper left corner of the image. The employee is in a staff area and the bathroom is in the a secure zone.

The security checkpoint between the staff area and the secure zone is set to allow staff only.

And here is the pathing analysis tool showing that the path it should be able to take.

Affected employees typically freeze and do nothing at all, and the airport is now mostly paralysed.

Ideally there’s a simple solution to this and if there is, that will hopefully solve the issues I have between levels as well…

I have a feeling the fact that the queue entrance is acing directly towards the wall is the issue, but the pathfinder says it works because it doesn’t count eh queues… Try demolishing the wall

Thank you, that seems to have helped!

Now lets see if I can get some of the previous multi-level errors to reoccur and post them as well. :wink:

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We supplied a fix to this scenario in today’s experimental release, as well! :slight_smile:

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