Pathfinding issue, multi floor experimental branch

Hey everyone

I have reported this as a potential bug but wanted to see if the community had any ideas :slight_smile:

I am on the experimental branch and have built a terminal with checkin desks on floor 0 and security on floor 1 but my staff cannot make it to the check points and I cannot see why.

having same problem.

on 31.0-1 a compareable setup worked quite well, now, on 31.1-0 it’s broken.
after several save&reloads, it sometimes works for a few pax, but most of pax refuse the path.
getting same incident reports for staff and pax, again and again…

please make a bug report!

I have already reported it last night as a bug, was just putting on here to see if anyone had a solution or if it is an actual bug :slight_smile:

Tough to see but make sure you have a sidewalk placed from your bus stop to the terminal.

Edit: Yup, looks like you’re missing a sidewalk. Note that the edges of the roads are no longer sidewalks and cannot be travelled on by staff or passengers.

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Ah @dl1892 you are a bloody genius, spent 3 hours trying to figure that out :laughing:

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