Passssenger service agents arriving too late at boarding desks

Hi guys, I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about this from 2018, 2019, 2020, and here I am, in 2021, having the same issue. Screenshots below.

I have 28 stations that require PSA, and 35 hired folks. Its my Terminal 2.

Is this broken beyond repair or am I doing something wrong?

  1. You probably don’t have enough passenger service agents (PSA) if there are none in the staff room. PSAs value each job equally, even if you don’t, so they will man the info desk because that was a job task before the boarding. Then, they are occupied so other agents have to do boarding when they free up. Hiring more should solve the problem
  2. Adding automated boarding desks also works, if you don’t want to hire staff. People will automatically board when it is time to.

(All information given is from personal observation only, and may be incorrect)

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Aprecciate you reply. But I need 28, as said, and have 35, a 7 surplus. Isn’t that enough?

I mean, I want to be efficient, don’t want to have more people than I need. Also, the game isn’t informing that I have shortage of staff.

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Hmmm, that’s interesting. Are you sure everything is zoned correctly? Otherwise, I can look at your save tomorrow if you upload it to the steam workshop. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

Think about the toilet usage of staff as well. Where do they run for a pee?
May that causes missing staff and longer ways to reach the job site.

In some cases you need a bit more staff hired than needed to cover the time for a good rest. In the example of security I usually hire almost the double amount of staff.

I had some similar problems in my test airports
I still have one, and it baffles me!

A bit of groundhog day is sometimes required
Save the game, then reload the same save and repeat
The best thing to do is wait until one staff member type arrives, and then follow them for entire day
Reload the save, then select a different member of staff and compare what they do

If you only want one type of staff member, then also include
Service Technician
I found this solved both the Security and Administrator

Whilst the Staff Room may be nearby a bathroom also needs to be nearby
For remote staff rooms I tend to have a bathroom with about one third ratio within the same block

Many of the problems I ran into were resolved by simply having a lot of smaller staff rooms and bathrooms
This also removed the need for dedicated staff bathrooms
Whilst a nice feature it is rather restrictive
Equally, it is not even required when the staff room is in a staff zone

I am tending to larger restrooms to make sure, they all can have their :poop: at the nearest place to the staff room.

As when you only provide 5 toilets and you have a shift change for example security, 20 of security staff want to go to the toilet.
When those 5 toilets in your nearest restroom are assigned to someone, the other 15 will get assigned to any nearest free toilet. In the worst case, it’s at the other end of the airport.

(I did many studies about the :poop: behaviour of ACEO staff)

Folks, look at the screenshot. There are 2 bathrooms RIGTH NEXT to the staff room.

Is upstair another secure zone with another staff room? Or is there a conenction to the upper floor we can’t see behind that white text box?

If you run with the lowest needed number of staff and you have several independent secure zones, staff chooses to stay where they finished the last job.
If the next job is in a different secure zone, they have to leave it and go through security check again. That takes a lot of time.

But those are all guesses, may some more screenshots or the entire savegame as mentioned could help to understand your setup. :slight_smile:


Yes, it is another secure zone, with staff room and toilets. But I’ve actually removed the escalator. Below the SS from the new layout.

I’ve actually solved the problem, overhiring PSA - something I really dislike.

The security agents are indeed a bit different than the other staff types.

You need twice the number as actual jobs. Because if you do have less, they cannot take a full break. If the shift is over, they have to run to another security or passport check. If they then go to the toilet, the check isn’t functional until they are finished with their short break.

If you have twice the number, you can make sure, fresh guys are heading to the job while the other 50% have enough time for a break.

All other staff types are mostly triggered by events. (janitors need dirt, technicians need defunct objects, ramp agents and passenger service agents need to open check ins or do boardings) As this isn’t permanent, there is always time to get some rest.

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If I need at least the double of the PSA than required, and I’ve not, then the staff tooltip should not say that the job load is at “surplus”, don’t you think? This is misleading.

There are many things I’m having dificulties in this game, this, the cars, buses, taxis not picking up passengers for instance, and in both cases you are explaining game mechanics that are not intuitive.

That said, I’m not trying to be an asshole or nasty critic, but some things like those mentioned really drove me crazy and frustrated because I was not finding what I did wrong. So my intent is that the devs take those issues in consideration to avoid that other players get frustrated with the game. We really shouldn’t have to resort to the forums to figure stuff out.

After all, I really find awesome that the devs are so close in listening the community and patch the bugs of their game. Cheers to them for that.

I do only write down the solutions I’ve found during my playtime. I don’t want to frustrate anyone, just help to get the airports running smoth without delays. :slight_smile:

I agree, there is a lot potential for balancing and giving more information to the player. Currently, as bigger the airport gets as more “tricks” you have to use to avoid some current restrictions.

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I would completely agree

I have a reasonably good working knowledge of London Heathrow Airport
I was also an early player of Airport Inc, which is almost identical
My first few test airports showed that what you would expect from a real situation did not really apply
I also tried to blend in some of what used to work with Airport Inc

It does seem odd when you create a Staff Room right next to a workplace, but the staff decide to use somewhere else instead
I spent a few days trying to work this out
It does strangely bear some similarities to reality, where staff are offered more than one staff room
Add to that the bathroom and the combinations are complex

Another solution I have recently implemented is splitting the passenger and staff entrance / exits
It does partially work, helped by the fact that most staff can cross zones
Equally, where possible staff will try not to cross a zone, but in most cases a passenger has no choice

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That’s correct, he has an exclamation mark at his staff icon on the bottom of the screen. You could also research multiple terminal operations where u can assign the PSAs to a separate terminal

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